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He then continues to abuse her and hit her. It was way worse than she thought it was. There was this one night where he took her to this house and he was really nice to her at first. But only at first only. When they entered the house he told her to strip for him. She didn't want to but she knew she was trapped. It was dark and that house was far from her home. Imagine that. They then got back together again and they had sex. And still he kept abusing her. At the end she gets pregnant and she now has to take care of her baby.

But he leaves her knowing that now she is pregnant with his child. I think that this is a depressing book because she gets abused so badly by her boyfriend and she really did love him and gave her all that she got. And all he did was abuse her and hit her and beat her up. It doesn't even seem fair to her because he treats her like a dog and he gets what he wants all the way.

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He leaves her with a baby and now shes all alone but with the help of her family. Dec 21, Smiley08 rated it it was amazing Recommended to Smiley08 by: Evelin.

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This is a very sad and hard to understand type of book. It is about this regular girl in school with friends and everything was just normal. One day some really cute guy started talkin to her because of some excuse that he was new and was looking for some friends to be with and just chill. He was really nice and sweet to her. All of the sudden it all changed between them two. He was pressuring her to have sex with him.

She didn't want to.

That didn't stop him. She was so submissive and apologized for anything she did "wrong. She ended up pregnant. He left her because he didn't want the baby. Then some time passed and went back together.

Annie's Baby: The Diary of Anonymous, A Pregnant Teenager

He asked her to do something really wrong. This was the worst decision she ever made. This is one of the best books. I really liked it.

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The thing i did not like at all is what she did to her baby. Also she apologized to him everytime even though she wasn't doing anything wrong. The pointof it is that here attitude towards him was at good at all Oct 31, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Beatrice Sparks is known for the understanding of young people. The main character Annie then falls head over her heels for this new popular and rich, year old, Danny.

Even though Annie is only years old and he is older than she is, she begins to think about this kid all the time. Once Annie and Danny started dating, she thought he was the perfect man because he cared for her, made her feel special, and always showed love and respect. After months of dating, she found out that Danny was the complete opposite of what she thought of. After all his insults and mistreating she still stood with him, and he did not mean the things he did and said and believed he will change.

Her main problem came when she found out that she was pregnant, and Danny was the father. She then went trough a face that she did not know what to do with the baby, because her relationship with Danny was not the best, she was young, and her mother is hard to talk to. This book contains many emotions. This book pulls a reader in because of its detail and the feelings it portrays. The details make you feel like as if you were in the characters shoes.

This book also had the common mistakes teenagers make, and it makes the book feel as if one wrote it. This book is one of those that one can relate too and understand easily. The book is targeted towards teenagers, especially female because the diary entries are portrayed through a female mind. People who like to read about love, this book might be for you. In the book, there are many topics revealed but he one that can apply to everyone is blind love. Blind love it self can be seen differently, this makes the book interesting.

This book is also for those teenagers who need to see examples of what no to do in life. In conclusion, you must read this book because it can be portrayed differently and it relates to teens. May 02, Shayla rated it did not like it. I read this book because it relates to a school project I'm currently working on, and also because I thought that I would give Ms.

Sparks yet another chance to redeem herself. I've read three of her so-called "edited" books and my respect for her as a writer decreases more and more with every page. In this particular "diary", the main character annoyed me even more than Nancy in "It Happened to Nancy", a feat that I once deemed impossible.

Than again, those two books are basically the I read this book because it relates to a school project I'm currently working on, and also because I thought that I would give Ms. Than again, those two books are basically the same; a fourteen-year-old girl with divorced parents gets raped by her older boyfriend.

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  • Annie was dim-witted, annoying, and sometimes downright rude. Feb 16, Max Ostrovsky rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult , fiction , memior. Extremely terrible! I thought, at the least, it would be a cautionary tale for young teens. It tries to pass itself off as an anonymous, implying non-fiction, memoir. It is so hyperbolically unrealistic, I refuse to believe it is anything other than bad fiction. Extremely bad fiction. This is a story of an extremely insecure 14 year old girl who gets into a relationship with a hyperbolically monstrous older boy at her junior high?

    First of all, I don't get how she Terrible! First of all, I don't get how she is insecure. She is an athlete, she has great friends, she is active and has the support of her religious community, she has an extremely supportive mother, who as a teacher repetitively mentioned Teacher of the Year for the state , knows teenage behavior and should have been able to identify warning signs. But you know what? I can buy to a certain extent her insecurity due to her age. But she instantly grabs the attention of a good looking guy.

    And this happens again later on in the very short book. She often talks about her own attractiveness, thinness, athleticism, and puts down others as ugly. The insecurity seems contrived, artificial, and completely unsupported. And for this book being as short as it is, it piles on so many very complicated issues, each deserving of its own focused attention. If this book just focused on teen pregnancy, as I thought it would, the length would have been appropriate.

    But besides teen pregnancy, the book dives into and failingly tries to address verbal and physical abuse, rape, rough sex, sadism, contraception, STDs, peer pressure, gender roles, relationship dynamics, education services for teen mothers, government support services for teen mothers, economy, abortion, politics of abortion, politics of government support, self-esteem, social inequities, premature birth, postpartum depression, illiteracy, and adoption.

    Each one could have easily filled a page memoir. Instead, all are crammed in. And everything possibly wrong a boyfriend can be is all stuffed into a very two dimensional and incredibly unrealistic character. I can't even call him a stock character, a trope, an archetype , or even a plot device. He lies, he manipulates, he is verbally abusive, he is physically abusive, he is a rapist, he is rich, he is spoiled, he stands the narrator so she has to walk home, he ignores her if he doesn't get his way, and I think he's even filled with demon DNA.

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