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RFC The lowest numbered address in a multicast scope. Scope Zone.

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RFC One multicast scope may have several instances, which are known as Scope Zones or zones, for short. For instance, an organization may have multiple sites. Each site might have its own site-local Scope Zone, each of which would be an instance of the site-local Scope. However, a given interface on a given host would only ever be in at most one instance of a given scope. Training is an investment, but it is well worth it. Jason B.

It has gotten better over the years but there is still room for improvement. You better have an above average computer to run this thing.

Projects in MadCap Central: Part 4 of 11 – Running and Scheduling Builds

And setting up the css, masterpages etc is an exercise in patience. Seeing an output before it's built can be a challenge. Preview takes a while to load. Rachel S. Consistent formatting and a decent import program from other software is also very helpful.


I'm able to generate fairly quickly, utilize single sourcing, and not re-create the wheel repeatedly. Once you've got a handle on how to set up your style sheets and figure out what you do and don't need, it's a great way to promote single sourcing and consistent formatting. Consulting Technical Writer. When I began technical writing in the primary authoring method was to assemble chapter files into books for delivery as PDF manuals.

Later that work flow was expanded to become "authoring tool plus something else", where "something else" was a separate tool that extracted content from the authoring tool's content files and generated that content in an online format such as online help OLH. For today's technical communicator, it's a form of vocational suicide to imprison reusable information inside monolithic chapter files.

The need is instead to create reusable topics that can then be assembled into a variety of output combinations and readily delivered in a variety of print and online output formats. Flare contains a rich set of topics-based authoring, content management, and output packaging features. I've been using the product for roughly five years and continue to find it to be a very cost effective way to create a "real" documentation and authoring work flow that can be expanded and refined to serve the needs of small to large content development and output requirements.

Flare the product is enhanced by the quality of its vendor, Madcap Software. Madcap's sales and support organizations are so knowledgeable and responsive that they can rightfully be considered to be among Flare's key features. I've been using Flare for about five years now I began with Version 7. We're now up to version


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