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To minimize the change, they made the new Robin, Jason Peter Todd, who first appeared in Batman , similar to a young Grayson. In this incarnation, he was originally red-haired and unfailingly cheerful, and wore his circus costume to fight crime until Dick Grayson presented him with a Robin suit of his own. At that point, he dyed his hair black.

Kill and Replace

Dick Grayson's origin, years with Batman, and growth into Nightwing remained mostly unchanged; but Todd's character was completely revised. He was now a black-haired street orphan who first encountered Batman when he attempted to steal tires from the Batmobile. Batman saw to it that he was placed in a school for troubled youths. Weeks later, after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and Todd proved his crime-fighting worth by helping Batman catch a gang of robbers, Batman offered Todd the position as Robin. Believing that readers never truly bonded with Todd, DC Comics made the controversial decision in to poll readers using a number as to whether or not Todd should be killed.

The event received more attention in the mainstream media than any other comic book event before it. Readers voted "yes" by a small margin 5, to 5, and Todd was subsequently murdered by the Joker in the storyline, A Death in the Family , in which the psychopath beat the youngster severely with a crowbar, and left him to die in a warehouse rigged with a bomb. Jason Todd later returned as the new Red Hood the original alias of the Joker when he was brought back to life due to reality being altered.

After the continuity changes following the New 52 DC Comics relaunch, Jason becomes a leader of the Outlaws, a superhero team that includes Starfire and Arsenal who had spent years with Grayson in the Titans. DC Comics was left uncertain about readers' decision to have Jason Todd killed, wondering if readers preferred Batman as a lone vigilante, disliked Todd specifically, or just wanted to see if DC would actually kill off the character. In addition, the Batman film did not feature Robin, giving DC a reason to keep him out of the comic book series for marketing purposes.

The third Robin, Timothy Drake, first appeared in a flashback in Batman In the comics, Tim Drake was a young boy who had followed the adventures of Batman and Robin ever since witnessing the murder of the Flying Graysons. This served to connect Drake to Grayson, establishing a link that DC hoped would help readers accept this new Robin. Drake surmised their secret identities with his amateur but instinctive detective skills and followed their careers closely. Tim stated on numerous occasions that he wishes to become "The World's Greatest Detective", a title currently belonging to the Dark Knight.

Batman himself stated that one day Drake will surpass him as a detective. Despite his combat skills not being the match of Grayson's although there are some similarities, in that they are far superior to Todd's when he was Robin , his detective skills more than make up for this.

In addition, Batman supplied him with a new armored costume. Tim Drake's first Robin costume had a red torso, yellow stitching and belt, black boots, and green short sleeves, gloves, pants, and domino mask.

Uncovering Our Roots

He wore a cape that was black on the outside and yellow on the inside. This costume had an armored tunic and gorget , an emergency "R" shuriken on his chest in addition to the traditional batarangs and a collapsible bo staff as his primary weapon, which Tim Drake continues to use as the superhero Red Robin. The character was introduced as a happy medium between the first two Robins in that, from the readers' point of view, he is neither overly well behaved like Dick Grayson nor overly impudent like Jason Todd.

Tim Drake, as Robin, co-founded the superhero team Young Justice in the absence of the Teen Titans of Dick Grayson's generation, but would then later re-form the Teen Titans after Young Justice disbanded following a massive sidekick crossover during which Donna Troy was killed.

Tim served as leader of this version of the Titans until , at which point he quit due to the events of Batman R. Following Infinite Crisis and 52 , Tim Drake modified his costume to favor a mostly red and black color scheme in tribute to his best friend, Superboy Kon-El , who died fighting Earth-Prime Superboy.

This Robin costume had a red torso, long sleeves, and pants. It also included black gloves and boots, yellow stitching and belt, and a black and yellow cape.

Han Solo Movie Director Change Explained by Ron Howard | Collider

Tim Drake continued the motif of a red and black costume when he assumed the role of Red Robin before and during the events of the New Following 's continuity changes resulting from the New 52 DC Comics relaunch, history was altered such that Tim Drake never took up the Robin mantle after Jason Todd's death, feeling that it would be inappropriate. Instead, he served as Batman's sidekick under the name of Red Robin.

Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake 's girlfriend and the costumed adventurer previously known as the Spoiler, volunteered for the role of Robin upon Tim's resignation. Batman fired the Girl Wonder for not obeying his orders to the letter on two separate occasions. Stephanie then stole one of Batman's incomplete plans to control Gotham crime and executed it. Trying to prove her worthiness, Brown inadvertently set off a gang war on the streets of Gotham.

While trying to help end the war, Brown was captured and tortured by the lunatic crime boss Black Mask.

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She managed to escape but apparently died shortly afterwards due to the severity of her injuries. She appeared alive and stalking Tim, after his return from traveling around the globe with his mentor. Leslie Thompkins had faked Stephanie's death in an effort to protect her.

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She had her own series as well as making appearances throughout various Batman and Batman spin-off series. Her time as Spoiler, Robin, and Batgirl was retconned to have never occurred after the Flashpoint event, with her being reintroduced having just become Spoiler in Batman Eternal. Batman was unaware of his son's existence for years until Talia left Damian in his care. Damian was violent and lacking in discipline and morality, and was trained by the League of Assassins.

Learning to kill at a young age, Damian's murderous behavior created a troubled relationship with his father, who vowed never to take a life. Originally conceived to become a host for his maternal grandfather's soul as well as a pawn against the Dark Knight, Batman saved his child from this fate which forced Ra's to inhabit his own son's body, and thus, Damian was affectionate to his father. After Batman's apparent death during Final Crisis , Talia left her son under Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth 's care and Damian was deeply affected by his father's absence.

Damian was rescued by Nightwing who then tries to escape but was shot down by Black Mask's men. Nightwing tried to fight the thugs, but the thugs were shot by Jason Todd.

The 10 worst crimes against the original Star Wars trilogy

After a fight between Nightwing and Todd, Todd eventually shot Damian in the chest. In the final issue of the series, Alfred made Damian into Robin. Damian's first task as Robin was to rescue Tim. As of the "New 52", Damian continued to work with his father, but temporarily gave up being Robin as his mother put a price on his head , and went under the identity of Red Bird. Damian met his end at the hands of Heretic, an aged-clone of Damian working for Leviathan , bravely giving up his life. Batman eventually started a difficult quest to resurrect him, returning Damian to life with Darkseid 's Chaos Shard.

A Batman story from the s featured the young Bruce Wayne assuming the identity of Robin, complete with the original costume, in order to learn the basics of detective work from a famous detective named Harvey Harris. The purpose of the secret identity was to prevent Harris from learning Wayne's true motivation for approaching him, which could have led to the detective attempting to discourage the boy from pursuing his obsession.

Post-Crisis, there was one instance in continuity when Bruce Wayne adopted the Robin persona. In an effort to keep up the illusion of Batman, Bruce had Tim adopt the Batman identity while he is forced to be Robin. By the s, Grayson had become an adult, and was a lawyer and the ambassador to South Africa. He adopted a more Batman-like costume, but still fought crime as Robin.

The rumors are true. The tangled story of Morpheus, King of Dreams is becoming a Netflix series! Following the announcement, Gaiman took to Twitter to clear up some confusion about his role in the series. Both span thousands of years of history and see characters learning they are more than their titles. Although, the Corinthian is a far less agreeable chap than Aziraphale. Though the comic was a magnet for Gothy types, it really appeals to just about everyone who gives it a shot. Presumably, its best qualities will make it irresistible to Netflix subscribers and reviewers alike. Based on: J.

A war across most of Middle-earth ensues. In February , Amazon teased fans with a beautifully illustrated interactive map of Middle-earth extending into the far east region not included on maps Tolkien made himself, though he sketched out some topography for the area in his notes. Bayona signed on to helm the first two episodes of the series.

Various enemies and allies of both sides appear as the main characters learn more about their fate and even cross into parallel worlds. Consulting producer Harriet McDougal edited the Wheel of Time novels written by her late husband Jordan and is the current copyright holder.

In June , Rosamund Pike signed on to star in the series as Moiraine, a woman who leads a group of youngsters across the worlds in an attempt to find the Dragon Reborn. Pike will also serve as a producer on the series. Judkins boasts credits on CF seasons of Agents of S. The key issue now is whether or not Amazon will have money to develop another property with an epic scope once LOTR begins production. Martin likes to tell while characters eat sweet meats and plot their next move in the Game of Thrones.

Also based on the stories he tells his audience while the author is not finishing The Winds of Winter. Everything we know so far: At one point, HBO president Casey Bloys said there could be as many as five prequel series after Game of Thrones completes its run this year. And as for the other show concepts, two are said to still be in development with one focusing on the Doom of Valyria, a cataclysmic event that saw the Essos city destroyed and sent the Targaryens fleeing for Dragonstone.

Everything we know so far: The British Broadcasting Corporation commissioned an eight-part adaptation of the entire trilogy in In September , HBO came on board to produce the series, acquiring worldwide rights to the series outside of the United Kingdom in the process. Other cast members include Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Pullman was surprised by the intense scrutiny the Potter books received from religious groups in the U.

Book Repair - Endsheet Replacement Part I

Set on a world that is really a disc held in place by four elephants standing on the back of a turtle, Discworld is both a parody of early fantasy works and a sweeping universe in its own right. Thanks to the series, Prachett was the U. While Discworld does not tell one single overarching tale, its characters weave in and out of story lines, with characters like Death receiving major ongoing tales and constant cameos. Based on: The seven Narnia novels by author C.

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  5. There, the Great Lion Aslan — a manifestation of Jesus Christ — teaches the children life lessons while giving them dominion over the land. The series eventually pivots from the Pevensie children to their cousin Eustace Scrubb, who goes from being a right git to a proper hero of Narnia. Santa Claus also makes a cameo appearance.

    Everything we know so far: On October 3, , Netflix announced it acquired the film and television rights to the Narnia book series. Mark Gordon, Douglas Gresham, and Vincent Sieber will serve as executive producers for the television series and as producers for features. In June , Coco co-writer Matthew Aldrich signed on to oversee the adaptation as an overall creative director for both the television series and the planned films.

    The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1) The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1)
    The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1) The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1)
    The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1) The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1)
    The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1) The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1)
    The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1) The Last Replacement (The Last Replacement Trilogy Book 1)

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